Magnetic Therapy

Application of magnets represents one of the many examples of “natural treatments” which are allopathic and suppressive in nature and therefore at their very best act as the benign bandaids.

More often than not, magnets are not benign and are very unphysiologic in relation to body’s physiologic energy fields. Their effect on the tissues is unpredictable and is strictly individual as no safe or “good poles”, in reality, do exist. Even the North Pole (an allegedly “good” one) can also be tumorogenic.

Magnets can palliate some chronic pain conditions for the lack of better skills.

Some of the tenets concerning modern time alleged “magnetic deficiency”, even if correct, or “sick tissue magnetic imbalance” cannot be addressed through an application of chunks of metals nor through allegedly sophisticated machines delivering pulsed magnetic energy.

As is commented briefly on Color Therapy, pernicious, toxic agents are at the root of energetic imbalances of all types. Primarily, the roots, not the imbalances, need to be addressed in order for true healing to take place.

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