Information on this site represents excerpts from Dr. Yurkovsky’s upcoming book, “Autism and ADHD – An Inescapable Epidemic. Whose Child is Next?

True Roots and Solutions” and from his three-day course taught to health practitioners in October, 2011: Autism & ADHD are curable!

Autism: Factors which engendered and sustained it and why current treatments and research have failed it

“The problem lies not in the intentions, nor in the dedication of individuals, but as so often in the history of science, from a limitation in the prevailing paradigm or model that governs and limits thinking in any given era.”

Thomas Kuhn, PhD (physics), Professor, Philosophy of Science at Harvard University

“That which is wrong in its primary matter, will be also wrong in its secondary matter.”                                                                              Latin aphorism

An obscure disease just a few decades ago, autism has emerged as a worldwide child epidemic today.  Just as tragic, its true roots remain obscure, cures sporadic and failure of the publicized treatments is the rule.  These alarming facts command urgent analysis of all relevant issues related to autism including serious misconceptions surrounding it.  From my experience, these range from laymen’s social-cultural to professional and science-related.  This brief discussion makes transparent how these misconceptions obstruct the solution to autism and how the “latest research discovery” or “new and better treatment” mislead because, in their majority, these betray fundamental rules of science.

Overview of the misconceptions which have besieged the field of autism:

I.  Social-cultural misconceptions concerning autism

Misconception #1: “My child does not have autism and that is why it is neither his nor our family problem.”

Why does this formally correct statement represent faulty reasoning from a broader perspective?  Because autism, in the great majority of children, is not a genetic disease, contrary to the official version, but a product of acquired multi-organ destructive processes.  It is, simply speaking, man-made through an outpour of toxicological, infectious, medicinal, and electromagnetic agents and into the body and brain in all children.  If you do not understand this simple and unpleasant truth, you will never know how a healthy brain and body feel and function.  Both you and your children will settle only for some surrogate of these.  In autism, “Something is wrong with this child” is simply more obvious.

All of these agents are ubiquitous in modern societies, worldwide, where they have converged on all children and adults, but in different degrees.  From this causative perspective, autism does not represent just a “missed bullet” for our healthy children, since they seem to be free of autism, but they have somewhat smaller “shrapnel” in their brains falling short of causing autism.

In my 20 year clinical experience, thus far, using bio-resonance testing, (the noninvasive and painless alternative diagnostic modality, based on physics and capable of direct energetic tuning into internal organs), I have never encountered a child or adult with an intact brain.

What does this mean?  This means that even if you or your child are free of autism, the chances are that neither of your brains is free of malfunctions of any type – mental, emotional, or others such as insomnia or addictions – and cannot reach its full potential until the aforementioned morbid agents are properly addressed.

What else do I base this on?   Recent official statistics stating that 100% of the modern population stores dangerous chemicals in their bodies, including neurotoxins and carcinogens, corroborate my findings.  Adding modern electro-pollution interacting with these environmental pollutants lodged in the brain turns it into an electrified toxic dumpster.  So, when these children and adults have been properly treated with my system – FCT® – using a novel homeopathic treatment and measures to address chemical- and electro-pollutants, not only have the children with autism, ADHD, and learning disabilities been cured or benefited greatly, but so have “normal” children, teens, and adults.  This concerns the following brain-related problems: compromised memory, concentration, comprehension, analytical capacity, mental stamina, creativity and sleep, mood (anxiety, depression, irritability, anger, “short fuse”), addictions, social phobias, OCD, bipolar disorder, PANDAS.  Even grade “A” students found studying easier due to enhanced comprehension and creativity.

Reiterating the main message: in all likelihood, neither you nor your child knows what the normal brain is like.

Misconception #2: “My child has autism and we need to take him to an autism specialist for treatment“.

This, paradoxically, is a complete oxymoron in any chronic disease, not just autism.

Autism is a multi-systemic, not brain-confined disease, engulfing many other organs and systems: kidney, liver, gastrointestinal, immune, endocrine, blood, lymph.  These all have led to establish and to sustain autism by producing hundreds of systemic pathologies.  Therefore, one cannot effectively treat autism through some isolated brain or DNA balancing act, nor by inserting a child and his brain into an oxygen chamber, nor through hooking some machine to the brain.  The truth here is, a brain injured by lodged-in bullets cannot become balanced through machines, pills, injectables or ‘special’ teaching methods.  The bullets must be removed first in order for the brain to restore on its own or through only minimal therapeutic efforts afterwards.

Misconception #3: “Our autism specialist and his/her professional organization use many different treatments and diets to address many problems, so their approach to autism covers it all.”

Attempting to address many abnormalities in autism or any other illness,  and being precise and effective, often stand far apart.  Beware, many treatments are never a sign of strength but of weakness due to their low precision.

The next section concerning autism misconceptions reflects how bewildered “autism specialists” (before they unknowingly started misleading the public) were first misled by their training.

II.  Professional misconceptions

Practically 100% of medical doctors who turned alternative, following the inability of conventional medicine to solve chronic diseases through drugs, paradoxically, have ended up cloning exactly the same flawed allopathic approach to medicine.  What misleads them is a purported, and marketed as such, ‘natural’ means of their new endeavor, making it ‘different’ and ‘progressive’.  Yet, in spite of some progressive element, such as seeking exact causes of illness, alternative treatments fail, too, in the majority of serious chronic diseases.  Also, “natural” treatments are naively presumed not to cause harm where the rules of avoiding harm are neither taught nor practiced.  In short, deficiencies in establishing or addressing exact causes of illness have undermined alternative approaches in all chronic diseases, including autism, while these deficiencies have simply been stretched onto autism.

What is the root problem here?  It stems from a biochemical-pharmaceutical model of practice that approaches the human body as a can of frozen soup containing bodily chemicals and organ meats.  As such, plus added bad things – mercury, candidiasis, nutrient deficiencies or gluten-casein and other allergens – the soup ingredients just sit there, in the can-body, in their fixed frozen positions, as viewed by conventional and ‘holistic-natural’ cookbooks, and wait patiently to be bombarded by drugs or “natural” pharmaceuticals in autism and all other diseases.  The ‘bombs’ are: vitamins, minerals, fish oils, glutathione, or any substance alleged to enhance the brain or other ‘meats’.  Chelators, “detoxers”, “cleansers”, “balancers”, probiotics, oxygen, add to ‘good’ treatments.  So does the category of “anti”-bad things: anti-candida, anti-parasite, anti-virus, anti-leaky gut, anti-free radicals, any “anti-“.  All of these ‘bombs’ pile up daily, thanks to “new research” that is being swiftly channeled into products by medical merchants.  These bombardments carry commonalities with none being that “natural” or “good”.

1.  They are all drug-like in nature because they are artificial and foreign in composition to the physiology of the body, since such substances, combinations, forms or dosages do not exist in nature.  As all drugs, they have side-effects whether these are obvious immediately or surface later.

2.  They lack ability to solve any chronic problem, autism or other, on a significant or long-term basis.  Even when they rarely demonstrate improvement in strong constitutions or shallow pathology, these treatments usually cannot be discontinued because of absent true healing underneath a pharmaceutical dependency.  And once the medicinal bombardments or diets cease, the complete reemergence of autism and other diseases follows.  Exactly, as in an asthmatic who seems better, only while on inhalers, shots, steroids or strict diet.  Once these are stopped, asthma, autism, and other diseases all resurface because their root causes remain.

3.  These pharmaceutical treatments are conducted virtually blindly, the same as drugs in chronic diseases or vaccinations, due to a great disparity between the alleged therapeutic interaction of a given product with a certain ingredient in soup, as presented in medical literature and training, on one hand, and actual reaction by the body of a child with autism or other disease, on the other.

This professional delusion of expecting a given pharmaceutical to find its exact soup target has been long debunked by well-established knowledge ignored by allopathic training.  The facts are that diagnostic tests, including ones used in medical research, cannot determine the actual causes of deficiencies, imbalances and pathologies themselves.  Because these tests cannot tell which toxicological, infectious, or other morbid agents are present where it counts the most – in the brain and other organs themselves – whether in autism or other diseases.  Also, pharmaceutical agents, drugs or natural, are incapable of effectively addressing true causes of chronic diseases.

So, these facts alone doom the great majority of all treatments for autism and all other chronic diseases to a blind pulling at straw process.  That is why they are ineffective, unless one claims ‘effective’ by displaying one cured case of autism per 100 failed ones.

  1. In order to compensate for this lack in precision and the inability to distinguish between primary causes of autism from their numerous secondary effects, the “specialists” resort to machine gun bombardments of ‘soups’ with ‘goods’, in treating autism.  The end result is exorbitant, unnecessary costs, even up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for autism treatments.  Yet, good results did not follow.

But the worst is yet to come.

  1. These treatments, from fish oils to anti-mercury, candida- or parasites are dangerous because:

a)  They are based on imprecise and often irrelevant information delivered by imprecise aforementioned tests.

b)  The allopathic model of practice and thinking, combined with the lack of relevant diagnostic information prevents these autism specialists from knowing that all these mercury, candida, parasites, leaky gut, and unaddressed multi-organ malfunctions and deadly electromagnetic fields, are all closely interrelated and co-dependent.  These, like a gigantic and instantly interfacing spider web, exert continuous and rapidly shifting interactions with one another during these treatments, thus sustaining and even exacerbating autism.  Also, following the bombardments, gut funguses and parasites release heavy metals, antibiotics, and other toxicants, worsening autism and overall health.  Redistribution of heavy metals such as mercury to the brain and other organs induced by chelators goes undetected by the diagnostic tests in use.  So, instead of the treating specialists knowing exactly what transpired, they assume that they have done something “good” and autism just needs more time and bombardments to resolve.  Allopathic regimes, anti-candida and anti-parasite, are incapable of solving these or any other chronic infections because infections are sustained by immuno-deficiencies which lab tests cannot detect while pharmaceuticals cannot solve.  An example of countless mutilated Lyme patients through anti-Lyme bombardments by ‘literate Lyme doctors’ illustrates this concept fully while mutations of microbes into more aggressive types often follow anti-treatments.  Even seemingly benign supplementation with probiotics, administered just as blindly, e.g., without bio-resonance testing, may lead to conversion of elemental mercury to a highly neurotoxic form, methylmercury,  particularly for a child with autism.

Not surprisingly, some children brought to my office have lost all of their remaining speech and mental abilities with worsening of autism, following these specialized autism therapies.  Other children with autism, as shared with me by the parents active in autism support groups, developed serious illnesses such as seizures or leukemia while undergoing autism treatments.

  1. It is a scientific impossibility for pharmaceutical medicine, conventional or alternative, to procure any significant progress in autism or chronic diseases.  The reason for this is that the human body, at its most fundamental level, is not regulated by biochemical ‘soups’ and, therefore, cannot be constructively changed via product-soup interactions.  The most fundamental level of human physiology is represented by cellular energy fields which are the ones that regulate body chemistry as a secondary in importance domain.  Therefore, only diagnostic and therapeutic means which operate at the level of body energy, and conducted properly, are ultimately capable of leading to cures.  Their choice needs to be stressed since ‘energy healing’ can be just as allopathic or imaginary as many in alternative medicine have succeeded in misconstruing and misusing it.  Ironically, energy medicine must be firmly enrooted in many conventional medical disciplines in order to be effective.  Many of these energy healers lack this knowledge.  For the same energy-physiology link, electromagnetic fields are just as destructive to the brain and body in autism or to any human as mercury, lead, or arsenic.
  2. The next blind spot in autism treatments is that without bioresonance testing and proper understanding of the principles of toxicology, autism specialists are unable to form proper priorities in autism treatment.  They cannot tell which findings are important in autism and must be treated or in what order versus those to be ignored or addressed later.  (Likewise, which products for autism, pharmaceutical or energetic, are useful or harmful.)  Again, the diagnostic limitations preclude this knowledge.  As the result, all findings, according to the ‘latest research’ or ‘how to’ workshops become therapeutic targets.  This professional blindness leads to the autism doctors falling prey to medical merchants who brainwash them into the use of their products, most of which are useless or dangerous and not only for autism.  Yet, these products become blindly loaded into the machine gun autism theories and treatments.  Even as irrational of a theory that autism is caused by genetic Lyme disease, introduced by another ‘innovative’ group, has been embraced by gullible autism doers.  This, among many examples, reflects a disturbing conflict where benefits of alternative medicine in presenting potentially useful ideas become self-devoured by gullibility or virtual ignorance.

Yet, the most peculiar agenda in autism therapeutics is the agenda that these treatments are science-based.  Conventional doctors, accidentally, have all been trained with the same agenda assuring them that their treatments are science-based, too.  But since science covers a broad base of findings with their corresponding levels, meanings and hierarchy of importance, they have not been trained how to distinguish, analyze, grade and connect these levels.  The best kept secret here is that not only the lay public, but even most of the doctors and medical scientists and researchers aren’t even aware what this all means.   [This issue will be addressed in great detail in the future DVD, “The power of missing knowledge:  An explanation for failures of conventional and alternative medicine in chronic and degenerative disease.” by Savely Yurkovsky, MD]

III.  Misconceptions concerning medical science and research coming to the rescue of children with autism or any chronic disease.

If one is to name the single most deceptive issue in the era of modern civilization, it by far would be the prevailing misunderstanding of the essence of science, including by doctors and medical scientists themselves. This is virtually unavoidable in branches of science known for their inexactness, such as medicine, psychology, or philosophy.  Inexactness underscores the tendency for unreliability, unpredictability, uncertainty.  These critically undermine the full understanding of and proper connectivity among numerous scientific findings, all necessary for solving difficult and complex problems such as autism and all chronic diseases.  Without clear understanding of this key subject – a superb understanding of the true value of scientific findings and their optimal connections – the use of the term “science”, as it has been misused in relation to inexact sciences such as medicine borders on blind cult worship.  At the very core of this tragic mass deceit, worldwide, based on the term ‘science’ lie many genuine successes produced by exact sciences and their based successful technologies and products.  That is why the term ‘science’ can hypnotize and mislead us.  Among exact sciences are physics (classical and quantum), mathematics, chemistry, materials science and their based technologies – telecommunication, computer, car, aerospace, construction, and others.  However, since many, including doctors, fail to have these key distinctions between exact and inexact sciences, they blindly trust that allopathic medicine, in spite of its consistent failures in the care of chronic diseases and autism, is verging on a breakthrough at any time.  The term ‘science’ has been in play here like a computer virus that has infected minds, making them easier to be exploited by multi-trillion dollar enterprises intertwining medical research, practices, and products.  Realizing the inexactness of medicine allows an understanding that its ‘science’ could be anything from something valuable to mediocre to a plain marketing gimmick.

Unlike the main preoccupation of medical research, the essence of science has little to do with piles of scientifically discovered facts.  It isn’t even an important goal to just pile up facts or findings concerning autism or the cosmos.  Their true importance can be understood only if one perceives science as a multi-level warehouse of knowledge to be used to construct capable models or “machines” out of these facts as from engineering parts.  These machines seek to solve different problems whether to deepen our understanding of nature or solve technological, medical, economical and other problems.  The better the constructors of these machines are in selecting and connecting the right parts, the more problems these machines can solve.  For this, scientists must possess sufficient knowledge and creativity in order to properly connect staircases within this multi-level building, as noted by the American Nobel laureate, physicist Murray-Gel-Mann.  In the process, many scientific facts may never be used due to their mediocrity or irrelevance where medicine is known to accrue piles of mediocre facts.

Besides the fact that one cannot get a course or diploma in creativity, as there is no program to produce Einsteins and Mozarts, the best kept secret in medicine is that the notion and principles of multi-level scientific knowledge are not taught to either conventional or to alternative practitioners or researchers.   The entire training is limited to some isolated warehouse shelves as chosen by corresponding specialty likings.  These shelves are presented authoritatively through textbooks and training as ‘this is the way’ without anybody suspecting the difference between isolated shelves and a building of well-integrated knowledge.  This becomes evident later on, once the ‘fruit’ of this scientific process – medical practices and products – reaches its final destination, and the one that counts the most, a patient’s bedside (autism and chronic diseases).  There, the ‘fruit’ fails, triggering another round of haphazard shelf-shaking referred to impressively as ‘scientific research’  only to fail again and trigger exactly the same ‘scientific’ replay.  In conventional medicine, the ‘fruit’ is a “better and new drug”, in alternative medicine, you name it.

Shelf thinkers – medical researchers – are just as unaware that their constructed machines conflict with important scientific knowledge since the missing connections preclude them from awareness of what that knowledge even is.

Such machines are capable of delivering only illusions of solutions.

This process of skillful construction of knowledge holds true for all stages involved in solving autism and other diseases – focused research and diagnostic means capable of establishing the true causes of autism, effective therapy, and prevention addressing these causes.  Likewise, identifying blocks to even the best treatment for autism is as crucial as establishing such a treatment itself.  By far, the biggest external block to autism recovery is electromagnetic fields (EMFs) which are destructive to both the human brain and immunity.  The recent rise in brain tumors is linked to EMFs that have soared by some 30 million-fold over only a century, thereby far outpacing our genetic adaptation capacity.  We have presented, at our seminar, “Autism & ADHD are curable!”, solid scientific evidence demonstrating the destructive effect of EMF on the brain.  Here too, as every step of the way, proper diagnostic method is crucial in testing electromagnetic protective devices and not through gadgets but through actual human bodies, otherwise one becomes an easy prey to ‘protective’ claims of the sellers of these devices.  Anyone who has the necessary skill in bio-resonance testing (only a few, unfortunately) can establish in seconds that 99.9% of these devices are either incapable or, even worse, convert electromagnetic fields into even more health destructive fields.

In a nutshell, contemporary medical research and its fostered medical practices catastrophically lack in these key stages (concerning autism and overall healthcare) such as focused research, effective diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventative means and in awareness of EMF and other environmental morbid factors.

Thus, expecting a breakthrough in autism and chronic diseases from medical research as it is practiced today would be as unrealistic as expecting bicycle mechanics to suddenly engineer sophisticated space rockets.

Speaking of space rockets, the human body, particularly in very complex and largely mysterious states as autism and all chronic diseases, is a thousand times more complex and difficult to know and control than any rocket.  This is for the simple reason that even a million-part rocket is a unit that is completely understood and controlled by rocket engineers.  However, in medicine, many significant aspects of autism and chronic diseases constitute unknown and poorly controlled Black Holes.  These black holes in knowledge concerning the true causes of autism and the inability to sort out piles of scientific facts generated by autism research, doomed it to a mere pulling-at-straw process or a machine gun science.  Just a few examples of this in autism:

“Leaky gut has something to do with autism.”

“Deficiency of antioxidants and vitamins has been found in autism.”

“Mercury must have caused autism.”

“Vaccines caused autism.”

“Testosterone in boys has something to do with autism.”

“Autoimmune reactions damaged the brain in autism.”

“Too many free radicals cause autism.”

“Low glutathione levels have been detected in autism.”

“Lyme disease in a parent causes autism in a child”.

“Allergic reactions to gluten and caseine have something to do with autism.”

“Environmental chemicals caused autism.”

“This enlarged part of the brain has something to do with autism.”

“This shrunken part of the brain has something to do with autism.”

“Mitochondria abnormalities have been present in autism.”

“Inflammation is causing brain damage in autism.”

“Large heads have been noted in autism.”

“Small heads, too, have been present in autism.”

“Brain white substance has been swollen in autism.”

“Candida and parasites are present in autism.”

“Faulty methylation causes autism.”

“Low cholesterol has been linked to autism.”

” Damaged brainstem, adrenals or thyroid have been noted in autism.”

“Cranial abnormalities have been found in autism.”

“Enzyme-, peptide-, omega-3 deficiencies are all present in autism.”

“Abnormal gut bacterial flora has something to do with autism.”

“Just discovered brain virus must be causing autism.”

“Brain neurotransmitter imbalance is present in autism.”

“Epigenetics have something to do with autism.”

“Brain oxygen deficiency is present in autism.”

“Bad DNA and genetics have caused autism.”

“Too much ultrasound exposure in pregnancy has caused autism.”

“Effect of propionic acid on mice brain resembles something that has something to do with autism.”

The list is longer and as in any chronic disease never comes to an end as the next day floods doctors and parents with another wave of “Autism research news”.

From a perspective that one cannot arrive at the solution of a problem without considering all of the potentially relevant findings, there is nothing wrong with the existence of many facts, per se, which seem to be related in significant or insignificant ways to autism.  However, from here, what will really matter is whether these findings will lead us to a sound picture and understanding of a problem first, without which just offering a treatment amounts to pulling at straws.

Think simply – have you ever been given the right key to the lock without someone knowing the nature of the lock first?  So, the truly scientific (vs. formally scientific) and productive process toward a solution does not begin with displaying shiny and impressive keys, but with explaining the nature of the lock first.

Here is another simple example that reflects how research findings leads to solutions in exact sciences and how formally scientific findings usually mislead in medicine, conventional and alternative.

Yes, the dots in the medical warehouse are formally scientifically correct, as they do exist.  The diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in use are formally scientifically correct as these, correspondingly, do detect something and then act on this.  Yet, this all, in a nutshell, is at the very heart of this mass deceit because no one really knows the importance of what has been chosen and connected or the true consequences of these treatment acts.  Thus, this loop of guessing games, which started with some research findings of uncertain value for solving autism and chronic diseases, completes itself in the human body.

This dot illustration carries a great practical meaning as these dots can easily run …. in the billions!  As correctly noted by Harvard pediatric neurologist Martha Herbert, MD, a screening for all possible combinations of some 100,000 chemicals present in our daily environment as potential causes of autism would require 84 billion tests!  Another confirmation to this gigantic confusion in medicine concerning the significance of these dots, even the highest medical authority in the U.S., NIH, has recently indirectly admitted to this catastrophic problem.  Its sound initiative – Translational Research – calls to support only those findings (dots) in medical research which have proven to be of real clinical value at patient bedside.  The real problem it reflects is that having spent trillions of dollars on research over 100 years by now, no one essentially knows why the produced dots have failed in all chronic diseases and autism or how to grade their individual importance.

This encapsulates the nature of the current problem with autism concerning its origin and its diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventative failures as autism research is still being conducted through exactly the same research methods which have failed in all chronic diseases.  So, the new NIH initiative is doomed to fail unless the entire research and healthcare begin shifting from chemical soup-pharmaceutical to a sound energy medicine-based model since a mere new decree cannot turn bicycle construction into rocket engineering.  This is the ultimate tragedy at the core of autism and all chronic diseases.

From this sad perspective both the doctors attending to and unfortunate families caring for those with autism completely misperceive the true importance of scientific discoveries concerning autism.  Every piece of something new emerging through professional journals, autism seminars, and meetings, is perceived with heightened importance, verging on a breakthrough.

In the past, I have attended many of these “state of the art” scientific symposia on chronic diseases and autism witnessing eager attendants grasping naively for ‘discoveries’ presented by notable speakers.  However, if pinned down on fundamental scientific issues, these speakers failed to substantiate the true value of their discoveries in curing autism.  During breaks, as everybody else, I was surrounded by the flea market of merchants convincingly offering their “scientifically proven” products whose true value they understood just as poorly as the notable speakers their own speeches. Summing up this discussion, it is evident that the true solution to a problem always calls for addressing all of its major aspects.  As this concerns autism and the epidemic of all brain disorders nowadays, there are several reasons why their solutions have been derailed rather than advanced by Medical Science as it is currently practiced.  These reasons are:

1.     poor scientific models largely leading to a machine gun type of unproductive research, as already mentioned.  This is well-emphasized by Professor Kuhn’s quote at the very opening of this page in his internationally acclaimed book, “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”, presenting how scientists get stuck and stagnated in their favorite grooves.  The latter concerns an allopathic view of autism and all chronic diseases that focused entirely on pharmaceutical and chemical soup-based research.  These were  ‘convincingly’ expressed by vaccinologist Paul Offit, MD, in his recent books on autism.  The media did bite into his ‘scientific’ views on autism, as those of an ‘expert’ vaccinologist, yet they seem to poorly grasp that such scientific views represent tunnel vision classics which border on scientific illiteracy, given the broader picture of autism and medicine, in general.

2.     fear of liability to admit to iatrogenic medical practices and, thus, excluding research projects which would confirm their iatrogenicity.

3.     deficient medical training rendering practice of medicine as largely inept to apprehend the true causes of autism and, thereby, incapable of addressing these properly and solving autism.

4.     medical commercialism or streamlining of monies into biomedical research that is contingent on its potential for returning profits via new products, not on the most effective ways toward solutions.

This has been the case with all chronic disease, thus far, not just autism.

Besides the aforementioned inefficient research models and limited exposure to broader sciences, according to Harvard Medical School faculty member, John Abramson, MD, medical doctors are not even trained in how to analyze research studies published in medical journals.  In his book, “Overdosed America”, he states that it is very common when conclusions of these studies, pitching the “scientific” advantage or safety of tested drugs, are simply baseless according to the entire study data.

Prestigious medical journals – the main information feed of doctors and the general media – somehow overlook these discrepancies as their ‘take’ from publishing ‘positive’ drug studies can run up to a million dollars in marketing reprints purchased by the drug companies.

The book, “On the Take”, written by the former editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine and Professor of Medicine, Jerome P. Kassirer, MD, confirms how “the extensive conflicts of interest between pharmaceutical companies and the medical profession” (quote of the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy) “promote dangerously misleading medical information” (publisher’s quote).

5.     Human Tribalism – As this will be reflected in greater detail in the DVD, “The power of missing knowledge:  An explanation for failures of conventional and alternative medicine in chronic and degenerative disease.” and my book, “Autism and ADHD – An Inescapable Epidemic.  Whose Child is Next? True Roots and Solutions,” – this innate trait of the human psyche, mammalian in nature, is perhaps the greatest obstacle in the way of scientific and other progress of civilization, on the whole.  This is particularly evident in the field of medicine where gross deficiencies in training and scientific inexactness preclude differentiating between approaches and statements based on their true scientific merit versus the ones based on lower tribal drives meant to protect one’s professional or commercial territory.  And, the fact is that scientists or doctors, on the whole, just as the rest of the human breed, have yet to display immunity from these drives.

These obstacles will not be overcome by the traditional type of autism research or autism research foundations which sponsor this research.  That is why when I approached some of these foundations to test my successful treatment of autism and presented its scientific logistics, the staffers displayed outright indifference.  Keep in mind, these are the people who gather tens of millions of dollars from their donors to find a cure for autism.  Logistically, a solution to autism or other illness by an outsider would threaten the tribal territory of an organized science, including its multimillion dollar flow from naive sponsors.  If these sponsors understood something of essence about science, instead of just being impressed with ‘big name’ researchers displayed as the store window of many similar foundations, they would have easily realized that one cannot expect to apprehend a solution by a company of private detectives whose search methods have consistently failed in all chronic diseases.

Another ‘progressive’ research body – Autism Research Institute (ARI) – has been equally ‘enthusiastic’ about my proposal to share the successful FCT treatment of autism with DAN doctors.  My presented concrete facts and the reasons for a flawed DAN approach to autism, including its side-effects, were left without response.  This only confirms the tragic reality that when the ‘researchers’ turn themselves into a corporate body, the fiscal/tribal/corporate interests tend to prevail over the very purpose of its existence – autism or other diseases.  These corporate dynamics dominate the entire medical field, conventional and alternative.

Knowing our common human logic, the most ‘logical’ argument I foresee against the information presented here would be “How could this be that he might be right and so many prominent scientists and organizations are wrong?”  However, such a question, from the standpoint of science logic, is completely illogical simply because that science is not based on our common logic.  And that is why it is not phased by the magnitude of the titles or supporters, unlike tabloids and general media.  Science operates on essences of the subjects under examination.  So, if my contentions expressed here are wrong, one is very welcome to defeat them based on substantiated arguments.

This and many other medicine and science-related subjects will be presented in greater detail in the DVD: “The power of missing knowledge:  An explanation for failures of conventional and alternative medicine in chronic and degenerative disease”. Its purpose is to expose multiple errors which arise from inexactness in medicine yet which become readily accepted in both conventional and alternative practices. Also, it is to introduce a new medical system whose principles are based on the ones of exact sciences.

Far more expanded and detailed mechanisms, factors and numerous clinical cases of autism and many brain disorders are presented in the latest FCT seminar, available on DVD: Autism & ADHD are Curable! by Savely Yurkovsky, MD.

One of the unsolicited testimonies received about a child cured from autism by one of the FCT trained practitioners:

“I wouldn’t recommend DAN to any parent. My son followed DAN for 7 years, but finally I stopped. I said to myself, ‘I cannot get all these supplements into him… and it doesn’t feel right.’ In the end, the only way to do it was at the clinic where they had to pin him down and force him to take them. The people behind DAN are good people, but they are male so-called experts with theories, and not parents, and they don’t really understand.

“With FCT everything is different. It’s about getting to the level of cause instead of just the effects. And not only is there no problem giving the remedies to my son, in fact he looks forward to them and now he often does it himself. And the test is no problem – he just lies back happily and holds on to the conducting rod now – but not at the beginning. After FCT, this child is a completely different child. Two years ago I was going to put him into residential, because I couldn’t cope any longer on my own. But not now. Since FCT he has become so easy, he is so much fun to be with. FCT is a lot more controlled – unlike DAN where they have no control over what is happening. My son is a completely new person, and everyone has noticed. And his life has completely opened up socially at school.”

Linda McGinn,

Stonehaven, Scotland

 Far more detailed presentation (11 hrs., 40 min.) on autism, including cured children through FCT, you may watch through the DVD: “Autism & ADHD are Curable!” available through this website.

You will much better understand the very complex nature of autism, the common mistakes made in its common treatments and diagnostic tests used.  You will also learn of the most effective ways to prevent autism.

As importantly, you will learn that most of all brain diseases and disorders surprisingly have common causes.  Among these diseases and disorders are:






Concentration problem






Irritability, Aggression

Learning Disability

Memory impairment (sometimes an early sign of Alzheimer’s)


Multiple Sclerosis





Tourette’s Syndrome

Violence, propensity to

and other


Autism & ADHD are Curable !

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Dr. Yurkovsky, in the excerpts from his latest book, is quite forthright and specific in his outline of the causes for the lack of medical advances in chronic diseases, especially autism. He identifies the illogical paradigms in current use, the false statements made about the causes of autism, the problems with modern medical research, and why neither specialists nor practitioners have or will have any clues to successful treatment of any chronic disease.

This is a fascinating exegesis, a long overdue analysis of the problems plaguing modern medical practice. I cannot wait to read the entire book, which, based on the sample, promises to be a classic. The medical community will not be very pleased with this work, but those members who read it carefully will have to admit that the assertions and conclusions are inescapably correct.

Thomas C. Casey, Ph.D.

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